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On a Single Mission

Our mission is to offer qualified investors unparalleled access to private alternative investments. By diversifying into alternatives, you can add certainty to your portfolio in an uncertain world. We source, vet, and provide select local investments that align with the goals of our investors like passive income capital preservation, and insulation from the unpredictability of Wall Street.


the hedge

We facilitate capital expansion by consistently maintaining a market-neutral position and leveraging significant fluctuations in volatility.
Our exclusive algorithms enable us to traverse the market and adapt efficiently to emerging opportunities.

Discover How to Invest for Certainty to Retire Early and Gain More Freedom


Putting Investors First

Risk Mitigation

Our proprietary data analysis system enables us to conduct specialized and comprehensive evaluations of private alternative opportunities. Our system and proprietary knowledge allow our team to diversify investments in recession-resistant and inflation-insulated investments that preserve investor capital and mitigate the risk of loss. Our private investment opportunities are largely insulated from Wall Street, which mitigates day-to-day volatility. Lastly, we consistently mitigate risks through proactive managerial and operational initiatives.

Proprietary Deal Flow

Our established relationships in the local business and capital markets result in preferential deal flow and early and exclusive access to investment opportunities. Our management team is constantly pursuing off-market investments, and with our investor network, we can execute faster than institutional investors or other groups.

Private Access

Investing in alternative investments and funds is reserved for those with access and relationships with key dealmakers. The JOBS Act of 2012 allows qualified investors access to these unique opportunities. Our goal is to make these opportunities more accessible to qualified investors.

Reducing Volatility

Traditional investments fluctuate wildly in response to economic and geopolitical uncertainties, as demonstrated by political tensions at home and a worldwide pandemic. Our investors prefer stable, consistent investments over the latest fad investment.


Diversifying within the same pool is not true diversification. Private investment markets offer investors the opportunity to achieve true diversification not available to most retail investors. Invest in the preferred market of smart investors.


Team Perfecto

Lukas P. Samuels

Co-Founder & CEO

Lukas P. Samuels is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Perfecto…

Patricia Samuels

Co-Founder and President

Patricia Samuels is the Co-Founder and President of Perfecto Capital…

Alex Russell

Investor Relations

Alex Russell is the Investor Relations Manager for Perfecto Capital. He is responsible for managing…

Floyd McCurry


Floyd McCurry is the Controller for Perfecto Capital LLC and all of its affiliated companies.

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We appreciate your interest in learning more about Perfecto Capital and our diverse selections of private investments. Feel free to contact us with any questions or information on upcoming investment options. Note the investment options through Perfecto Capital are exclusively reserved for qualified investors. Suitability standards apply.

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