Alex Russell

Investor Relations

Alex Russell is the Investor Relations Manager for Perfecto Capital. He is responsible for managing the onboarding new investors, maintaining relationships with Perfecto’s circle of investors and coordinating the funding for all Perfecto transactions.

Alex also serves as Perfecto Capital’s closing coordinator, managing the various parties involved in the closing and funding of Perfecto’s mortgages.

Alex has a diverse background including the construction trades where he worked in his family’s business gaining invaluable experience handling plumbing, electrical, custom bathroom and kitchen installation, water treatment projects.

After relocating to Florida, Mr. Russell to the health and fitness domain where he launched a men’s health clinic that specialized in advanced forms of medicine and therapies.  He led the firm’s efforts to expand its patient base resulting in the expansion to three facilities. 

Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Alex started and grew an investment management entity focused on options and currency trading. Alex’s expertise in these areas led him to become a published author, sharing his knowledge and insights through multiple books on the subject.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex is an avid reader, constantly seeking knowledge and growth. He holds a deep interest in health and fitness, recognizing the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, he stays abreast of the latest technological advancements and has a keen fascination with biohacking, exploring innovative ways to optimize his well-being.

Alex’s diverse background, encompassing construction, healthcare entrepreneurship, and extensive experience in trading, reflects his dynamic approach to life. His multifaceted interests and commitment to continuous learning enable him to bring a unique perspective to his endeavors.

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